The City Administrator serves as the City’s executive and oversees City departments to include:

Director of Administration, Human Resources, Permitting, Planning & Zoning,
Public Works, Utilities, and Police Department.

Lee Evett
City Administrator

(386) 228-2358
PO Box 39, Lake Helen, FL 32744


-The City Administrator is responsible for coordinating the day-to-day operational activities of the various city departments. As well as keeping the Commission informed of the city’s business and financial condition.

-The City Administrator assists the City Commission in developing, and is responsible for carrying out the Commission’s plans and orders by coordinating with all of the city’s departments and employees.

– The City Administrator implements city policies, procedures, and oversees projects.

-The City Administrator prepares the City Budget and acts as the City’s Chief Financial Officer. View our Comprehensive Annual Financial report – click on link to open: FY 2019/2020-Financial Statements

-The City Administrator also acts as the City’s Planning & Zoning Director.
Responsible for enforcement of the land use and development regulations, performing associated plan reviews for the city of Lake Helen.

Meet the administrative staff:

  • Dominique Drager
    Director of Administration/Deputy City Clerk
  • Sharon Hull
    Administrative Assistant
  • Erin Ward
    Administrative Assistant
  • Debbie Howell
    Administrative Assistant

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