Beautification Program

Community beautification should be high on the agenda as a local leader, a neighborhood, or a community organization.  Simple projects range from picking up trash in the spring to planting some colorful flowers or shrubs to painting planters, benches, signposts, or whatever is beginning to look a bit tired. Volunteer-led projects such as these are one of the quickest and least expensive ways to inspire more community spirit and civic action.

A visually appealing community increases property values, attracts businesses, and improves the neighborhood’s image. Beauty is one of the three most influential factors in community attachment, which means loyalty, to your city. Some research even shows that a nice-looking neighborhood promotes good behavior.  To help you realize these benefits, the city of Lake Helen has put together this community beautification program.

The city of Lake Helen Beautification Program brings in volunteers who wish to be a part of beautifying the city through adopting city roads, parks, or landmarks. Participants are volunteers who agree to pick up trash and litter, or weed and garden specific City maintained road, parks, or designated city landmarks that they adopt, (arrangements can be made with the city administrator). Adopters may select any UN-adopted road, park, or city landmark in Lake Helen that the person, group or organization can handle within their time and manpower constraints.

Any civic-minded individual, group, or organization can adopt a city park, road, or landmark. Garden clubs, Scout groups, student organizations, social clubs, youth sports organizations, church group, corporations, and individual citizens are just a few examples.

This program aims to promote community, neighborhood cohesiveness and project an attractive city. Participating in this program is a way to get acquainted with your neighbors as well as collaborating with the city.

Apply today to be a part of the City of Lake Helen Beautification Program application.

For more information contact:
City Administrator at (386) 228-2358


Are you already part of the City of Lake Helen Beautification Program and would like a Cleanup Report?
Once completed submit for city records, if unable to print contact city hall. (link to cleanup report form)Learn about other volunteer opportunities… click here.

Simplified Summary

Who: City of Lake Helen. What: Beautification program for the city of Lake Helen. Where: Designated city landmarks, roads, sidewalks and parks. Why: To encourage keeping the city of Lake Helen attractive and clean.