City Commission & Boards

City of Lake Helen Commission and Boards

The City’s Boards and Commission are comprised of a combination of volunteers and elected officials who serve in various capacities and make important decisions that benefit both the residents and businesses of Lake Helen.

The City of Lake Helen recognizes and encourages involvement in the policy-making process through service as a board or commission member. Most city boards are created by ordinance or resolution to provide advice and recommendations to the City Commission on matters of public concern.  

The City of Lake Helen is both involved with and appoints boards that make recommendations to the City Commission. These boards are a great way to get involved with your community. Citizens serving on these boards offer their expertise and input that help preserve Lake Helen for future generations.

About the City Commission

Cameron Lane
Phone: 386-747-2038
(term ends 2023)
Zone 1 Commissioner
Heather Rutledge
Phone: 386-361-7258
(term ends 2023)
Zone 2 Commissioner
Roger Eckert
Phone: 386-748-6413
(term ends 2024)
Zone 3 Vice Mayor
Rick Basso
Phone: 407-467-2771
(term ends 2023)
Zone 4 Commissioner
Charlene Bishop
Phone: 386-507-1418
(term ends 2024)

City Commission Meetings are held at City Hall at 7:00pm on the second Thursday of each month (unless otherwise noted).
City Hall is located at 327 S Lakeview Drive, Lake Helen, FL 32744 .


The city charter sets the City of Lake Helen with a commission form of government, whereby the City Commission is the head of city government, and an appointed City Administrator who oversees the city’s daily operations.

Voters elect a City Commission that consists of five members who serve two-year terms and are elected citywide.

The City Commission makes broad policy decisions to include setting and approving the annual budget, as well as passing ordinances as necessary.

The City of Lake Helen strives to provide the highest quality public services that effectively address citizen and community needs in a fiscally responsible and friendly manner.

Interested in running for office? Visit our City of Lake Helen Elections page.


About the Historic Preservation Board

ChairmanVice ChairmanBoard MemberBoard MemberBoard MemberAlternate
Melissa MongBill KlessMark ShuttleworthKayla TroySteve Miller Sandy Miller
Historic Preservation Board Meetings are held at City Hall at 8:00am on the fourth Tuesday of each month (unless otherwise noted).
City Hall is located at 327 S Lakeview Drive, Lake Helen, FL 32744 .

– Advisory Board to the City Commission.

– Provide direction and an opportunity for public review and comment prior to final approval of building permits within the Gateway Corridor.

– Act as a resource for information, advice, education, and references for the citizens of Lake Helen in historic matters.

– Explore ideas to increase identification, protection, enhancement, and use of historic, architectural, archaeological, and cultural resources.

– Advise and educate the City Commission concerning the effects of City actions on historic properties and neighborhoods.

– Review Certificates of Appropriateness and Certificates of Designations.

Interested on serving on a City Board? Contact Director of Administration for more information.
Board Vacancy Application

About the Planning & Land Development Regulation (PLDRC)

Board MemberBoard MemberBoard MemberBoard MemberBoard MemberBoard MemberBoard MemberAlternate
Earl FarmerStacy EckertRobert FeatherVacantAlan CookeAnna LesizzaTeresa LaneVacant
PLDRC Meetings are held at City Hall at 7:00pm on the fourth Monday of each month (unless otherwise noted).
City Hall is located at 327 S Lakeview Drive, Lake Helen, FL 32744 .

New appointed Board Members Earl Farmer and Theresa Lane
Chair: (To be determined at the next scheduled meeting October 25, 2021)

Lake Helen City Ordinance governs this Commission. Some of the Commission’s responsibilities include – Review and make recommendations to the City Commission for

  • Land Development Regulations
  • Site Development Plans
  • Land Use Applications
  • Rezoning
  • Variances and Special Exceptions

Article 3 of the Lake Helen Land Development code will provide more information about the roles and responsibilities of the Lake Helen Planning & Land Development Regulation Commission.

Simplified Summary

Where: City of Lake Helen. What: Explanation of duties and responsibilities of city boards and commission. Why: To inform and encourage citizens to participate in local city of Lake Helen government.