Planning and Zoning


The Local Government Comprehensive Planning and Land Development Regulation Act (Chapter 163, Part II of the Florida Statutes) – also known as Florida’s Growth Management Act – requires all of Florida’s 67 counties and 410 municipalities to create and adopt comprehensive land use plans that guide future growth and development. Scroll down to view Future Land Use Map.
Planning & Land Development Regulation (PLDRC) -Lake Helen City Ordinance governs this Commission. Article 3 of the Lake Helen Land Development code will provide more information about the roles and responsibilities of the Lake Helen Planning & Land Development Regulation Commission.

PLDRC Meetings are held at City Hall at 7:00 pm on the fourth Monday of each month (unless otherwise noted).
City Hall is located at 327 S Lakeview Drive, Lake Helen, FL 32744 .


Zoning regulates development through land use classifications and dimensional standards. Typical land use classifications included single-family residential, multi-family residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and recreational. Each land use must comply with dimensional standards that regulate the height, bulk and area of structures. These dimensional standards typically take the form of setbacks, side yards, height limits, minimum lot sizes, and lot coverage limits.


The City of Lake Helen’s Code of Ordinances is codified and maintained by the Municipal Code Corporation. Check with the Planning Staff for any recent zoning ordinances that may not have been codified yet.


The zoning map shows the various zoning districts throughout the City which correspond to specific land uses as dictated by the Zoning Code. Scroll down below to view the City’s Zoning Map.

Article 1 – Purpose and Intent
Article 2 – Zoning
Article 3 – Advisory and Decision-Making Bodies and Persons
Article 4 – Accessory Uses and Structures
Article 5 – Building Permits, New Construction Design Specifications, Historic Preservation and Gateway Overlay
Article 6 – Nonconforming Situations
Article 7 – Environmental and Resource Protection
Article 8 – Landscaping and Tree Protection and Preservation Requirements
Article 9 – Easements, Utilities, Lighting, Water Conservation, Wells, Stormwater Management, Assessment
Article 10 – Floodplain Management
Article 11- Transportation and Improvement Standards
Article 12 – Level of Service (LOS) Concurrency Management
Article 13 – Administrative and Decision-Making Procedures
Article 14 – Site Development and Subdivision Regulations
Article 15 – Hearing Procedures, Appeals, Code Compliance and Enforcement, Violations, Penalties, Special Magistrate, Citations, Nuisance Abatement
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Additional Information

City of Lake Helen Downtown Master Plan Report completed by the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council and the City of Lake Helenfor The Florida Department of Economic Opportunit

City of Lake Helen (Western Area) Economic Development Plan Prepared by the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council and funded through the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

To obtain parcel information please go to the Volusia County Appraiser’s web page.