Precautionary Boil Water Notice

September 12th 2022
To: City of Lake Helen
PWS # 364-1550
On Tuesday September 20th, 2022, the water will be shut off at 9:00 AM due to the Hydro Tank and Ground Storage Tank inspections, a loss of water pressure will be experienced throughout the community. Upon completion of the repair and water service is returned, as a precaution until tests can be completed, we advise that all water used for drinking, cooking, making ice, washing dishes, or brushing teeth be boiled. A rolling boil of one minute is sufficient. As an alternative, BOTTLED WATER MAY BE USED.
In the event there is a loss of power and you cannot boil water, tap water can be disinfected by adding 8 drops (or about 1/8th teaspoon) of unscented household bleach (4-6% active ingredients) to each gallon of water, then mixing the water and allowing it to stand for a minimum of 30 minutes. If the water is cloudy, use 16 drops of bleach and a 30-minute contact time.
This “Precautionary Boil Water Notice” will remain in effect until a bacterio-logical survey shows that the water is safe to drink, at which point the boil water notice will be rescinded.
If you have any questions about the testing for bacteria, please contact U.S. Water Services at (727) 848-8292. Testing normally takes 2-3 days from the time water pressure is restored or the emergency condition is corrected to complete.